Website Promo Videos are Important – Here’s Why

5 Reasons Why You Must Have a Website Promo Video

Promotional videos or promo videos are highly significant for marketing purposes but they barely get the limelight. The internet is stuffed with articles that discuss digital marketing techniques, website revamping ideas, and other things related to SEO and marketing. However, there are barely a few that have endeavored to emphasize the importance of website promo videos.

Studies conducted in the past reveal that approximately 45% of businesses use promo videos to explain things on their websites and 83% of them declare them highly effective for marketing.

If you haven’t been using website promo videos, here are some amazing reasons how they spice up your marketing and the benefits attached to their name.


1.      Beat the Competition

Website promo videos allow businesses to connect with their customers without having a live connection (audio, video, etc.). They allow businesses to develop a personal relationship with existing and potential customers, hence giving them a chance to learn about things that the customers want or don’t want.

These videos also allow customers to see what businesses can’t mention or communicate explicitly otherwise.

2.      Brand Humanization

By using real faces in your promo videos, you allow your website visitors to know your brand better because of the human association. It is not necessary you show off the top management, such as the CEO of the company. The purpose is to only add a human element that people can develop an association with. The people in the video can be anyone from the middle or lower management or non-managerial staff.

3.      Develop an Eye Contact

Research proves that more customers are interested in watching website promo videos that have humans speaking or giving tutorials than simply reading or hearing about the products being displayed.

Therefore, as much as you can, try to make your employees a part of promo videos and teach them how to look into the camera (make an eye contact) to make viewers feel like they are talking to someone in person.

4.      Save Your Clientele

A study conducted by Animoto revealed that 25% of customers tend to lose interest in a website or landing page if there is no promo video on it. This percentage may sound like a small chunk when seen as a part of a 100% audience that you have, but they can affect your conversion rates and profits radically.

5.      Communicate the Way Your Customers Like It

When it comes to businesses that sell services and not products, it can be problematic to communicate to the customers as to why their services might be needed. This is even truer in case of companies that deal in technological solutions as older businesses/clients dread changes like those.

What you can do in this regard is simplify your website, business model, and the language that is used in promo videos. Try to explain things in layman terms and explain the benefits of a particular service in a manner everyone can understand it thoroughly and is tempted to buy your services.


Best Tools to Make Videos

Lumen5 is a social video marketing tool which has been noted by Social Media Examiner as one of the best tools to make videos.


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