What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a program that tracks and reports site traffic. It tells you where your niche is and how you can best target your preferred audience. Google Analytics can give the courses individuals take to arrive at your site, the substance they saw and the gadgets they used to arrive. In addition, with their propelled devices, you can perceive how the entirety of the pages on your site are cooperating and communicating with site guests. It encourages you to comprehend what is and isn’t working. It also shows you your current bounce rate and helps you see what areas you can improve on in your site. 

How Businesses Use Google Analytics

There are many benefits for businesses to use Google Analytics. A helpful factor is showing you how clients interact with your site. Knowing this information can help you with factors regarding daily traffic through your site. Google Analytics is widely used by companies to track the data of their sites and put it into visible graphs of information to compare over time. Having this knowledge is a great way to turn random visitors into customers or clients for your business. This information is also very useful if you are planning on running ads for your site since it will show you the days and times your site is receiving the most traffic. The analytics also go over the bounce rate and how long each visitor stays on one page over another and how that may affect their experience. 

Google Analytics Terms

The first term difference to understand when it comes to Google Analytics is that it would be able to determine the differences between metrics and dimensions. Dimensions are variable categories like names or places while metrics are quantitative variables such as age and population. Then there are the Acquisition Reports. This report helps you see how people originally come to find your site and are especially useful if you are using PPC ads to bring people to a particular landing page. Another common term used in Google Analytics is API. API is an acronym for Application Programming Interfaces. This is how you access different data across different platforms such as Google Sheets or Google Analytics. Another term commonly used in Google Analytics is, “bounce rate.” Bounce Rate is the percentage of sessions with a single page view. The ideal is to keep your bounce rate low. 

How to Measure SEO using Google Analytics  

Google Analytics is the most important tool you can use when it comes to diving into your SEO or search engine ranking. Google Analytics gives you all of the data you need and shows your growth and decreases in that growth over time. By properly utilizing the data that is given to you, you can begin to see where you need to make changes to improve your website and therefore improve your SEO. Google Analytics is the best way to see which parts of your site are working and which ones are not in order to do the proper work to improve your SEO ranking. 


Google Analytics is a great tool to use to consistently check the data and how it migrates for your site. Understanding how to use Google Analytics can help you see what changes you need to make to improve your SEO and overall user experience. When you track your Google Analytics Monthly you can start seeing how changes happen over time, the best times to post on your site and the pages on your site that are receiving the most traffic. On the other hand, it will show you the pages that have the least amount of traffic and the days that have the least amount of traffic as well. Whether you are gathering data to run ads to bring people to specific landing pages or simply wanting to monitor your site traffic, Google Analytics is a great tool for you to put to use.

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