Debunking the Common Logo Design Myths

5 Popular Logo Design Myths That Can Topple Down Your Brand


If you yourself are a graphic designer, you do know the scope of logo designing in business marketing. Logo designers around the globe get numerous orders every day from businesses of different sizes and nature, operating in a wide range of industries.


Since people are more likely to trust celebrity endorsements these days, the most appropriate example with which we can emphasize the importance of logo design for you is renowned brands like Apple and Microsoft with well-thought-of and well-designed logos.


Just like a good logo can take your business to new heights, logos that fail to communicate brand ideologies or represent the persona of a business can entirely ruin a brand’s image. And this is the reason you must ensure outsourcing this task to trusted professionals like those at MK Marketing.


Nonetheless, the world is full of critics eyeing every move of businesses. That said, irrespective of how much effort and money you invest in your logo design, you will face criticism. But this is far worse when you make slip-ups in logo designing. And this is the reason most businesses prefer outsourcing their logo designs.


To assist both fresh and experience designers to minimize the risk of going wrong with logo designs, here we have listed down some logo design myths and their reality.


Read on!


1.        It Doesn’t Matter If a Logo Design Is Not Unique

Imitating a business’s logo design is a serious violation of copyrights and you can be sued for it regardless of whether it is intentional or unintentional. Unqualified designers who aren’t passionate enough will make excuses like they didn’t have enough budget to research and produce a unique design while the professionals will always take accountability and have your back.

Logo designs should always be unique. No matter how hard or costly it is, you must get a design that doesn’t look like it has been imitated form another logo. This will not only prevent lawsuits but also secure your public reputation in addition to make you look unique with your dedicated logo design.


2.        A Logo Should Always be Heavily Ornamented and Complex

Effective logo designs are those that are clear and effortlessly represent the business they are designed for. If you get too excited and get a logo that is too difficult to understand or lack clarity, it will take you nowhere.

Truth be told, logos should be three things to stand out:

  • Simple
  • Intense
  • Expressive

3.        Logo Designs are Barely Affected by Colors

Logos are meant to represent brands. If their colors are not according to those that the brand uses, the whole purpose of logo designing fails.

Colors used in logos should be chosen warily because they are what create brand identity and help your customers develop an association. There are several online tools that can help you choose appropriate color palettes but that doesn’t need you will not need professional help.


Connect with the experts at MK Marketing today to get the perfect logo designed for your business!


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