Renaming Images – How to Rename and Image on a PC

RENAMING DIGITAL PHOTO FILES ON YOUR COMPUTER You often need to rename image files on your computer while you work with your digital photos. By renaming your picture files, you can avoid getting your digital pictures confused and you can improve your SEO. To rename an image: Select a photo in your photo folder. Click […]

ProPhoto Galleries

ProPhoto galleries are created as custom post types, much like regular posts and pages. Accordingly, they get their own top level WordPress menu item, right above the ProPhoto link. Functionally what this means is that Galleries exist all on their own and have their own unique permalink that you can customize. In WordPress terminology they […]

ProPhoto Creating New Content

CREATING NEW CONTENT Back in step #2, when you worked through the Onboard guide, you may have created some new pages to apply to your design’s default templates and/or menu links.  Now might be a good time to go to the “Pages > All Pages” area in your WordPress admin to see what pages already exist for your site and […]

Best 5 Free Online Logo Makers

Designing a logo can be quite tricky and challenging if you have poor tools and software. To beat the best in the tough landscape of digital marketing it is imperative to gear up with some prominent logo designing tools that can assist you in sketching an appealing design. However, if you are a novice then […]

Facebook Page Layout

Help People More Easily Connect with Your Business (Business Name) Facebook is making changes to help the people who care most about your business connect with you on your Page. The new template is specifically for Pages like yours to help people get the information they need easier and faster. Relevant information such as your […]

How to Create a Blog Post

Once you have selected your WordPress website done, you are now ready to Create a Blog. Creating Your First Blog Post To write your first blog post, click on the Posts » Add New menu in your WordPress dashboard. You will see an editor area where you can write your first blog post. Once you’re […]