Things to Include in Website Maintenance Packages

Website Maintenance – What Does It Include?

More often than not, the process of website development is thought to be based on three broad steps; designing, executing, and publishing. But there’s a fourth thing that should be taken care of and spent on, and that is ‘website maintenance’.

Just like our home appliances, cars, and even ourselves need ‘maintenance’ time and again to look good, websites need it too. If you wish your website to keep getting increased user visits and deliver high conversion rates, you must ensure it doesn’t get outdated. This can only be done by scheduling maintenance and revamping it as and when needed.

Remember that your website is your business’s first impression. Whoever comes to know about your business will likely first visit your website for products, services, and other information. This is a very important reason you should opt for regular website maintenance.

Here are a few things that a decent website maintenance activity involves.

1.    Spams and Other Security Concerns

The most notable purpose that website maintenance serves is checking it for security loopholes. It allows you to identify spams that somehow went past your filters and ensure there are no viruses or malware that might be affecting the overall performance of the webpage.

2.    Routine Fixes

Website maintenance allows you to detect bugs, blunders, and broken links. Such activity should include checking both internal and external links by running a link checker. If broken links are allowed to stay, they can easily frustrate users and compel them to flee.

3.    Software Updates and Overhauls

Just as with other technologies, website development keeps evolving and so do the software packages that are being used. Website maintenance allows you to introduce updated software so that your business doesn’t lag behind in your race with your competitors.

4.    Website Load Time

There is a high chance for website speed to decrease over time because of a number of reasons. It can be because of articles, blogs, videos, etc. that you regularly publish or other things like outdated software, etc. This can be determined and resolved through website maintenance.

5.    SEO

Amid all the rush and struggle, the odds of compromising SEO are high. This is another reason you need regular website maintenance, as it allows you to identify even the tiniest blunders and rectify them before they result in a loss of visitors.

6.    Website Analytics

Website maintenance involves checking Google analytics and analyzing the results to identify weakness, strengths, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). Based on the SWOT analysis, you can then take the necessary measures to improve your website and cash on the opportunities that you see.

7.    Functionality

Last but not least, website maintenance enables you to check the functionality of your website. The forms and other plug-ins can easily become non-functional after a while, thus making it important for you to check on them every so often so that you don’t lose your customers.

These are just a handful of meaningful things that a good website maintenance activity constitutes. In case you need more information or schedule a website maintenance activity, connect with MK Marketing Services now!

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