Business Logos Do Matter – Here’s Why

As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to build a first impression. For businesses, this first impression is what logos deliver. This is the reason why logos are given so much importance and brands spend generously on getting them made.

Typically, logos created for businesses don’t change and they shouldn’t even be altered. The reason behind is that people develop an association with them to recognize your brand. Imagine Facebook changing its ‘f’ logo to a red smiley face. Would you be able to quickly take that in and associate with Facebook wherever you get to see it? Of course, not!

In simpler words, logos are to brand what faces are to humans. You just can’t think of changing your identity time and again and expect people to recognize you every time you change it.

First Impression Is Crucial for Business Success

Studies show that humans are 40% more likely to retain images and symbols than text and audio clips. This is why people are more likely to remember your brand with its logo even if they see for a few seconds. This could be when they see your advertisement somewhere or pass by your business logo on a street signboard.

These events are rare and pass in the blink of an eye. Your logos should be unique enough to get imprinted on the minds of those who see it. Nonetheless, you must forget to keep them simple, understandable, and relevant in the hope of making it unique.

Like the famed American journalist Tahl Raz, says:

“Some of the best logos are the ones that are the simplest.”

Brand Identity and Awareness

Brand identity is what develops an emotional association between your brand and customers. Logos help businesses to build their identity and create brand awareness.

“There are some teams and logos you see, no matter where you are in the world, you know exactly who they are and what they mean.”

-LeBron James, American Basketball Player

Remember that the corporate and public image of the company is what is responsible for its success and growth. If you fail to depict what your company does and create an impactful logo without making it difficult, the chances of being victorious are low.

Must-Haves for a Good Logo Design

  1. Simplicity is the key to successful logo designing. This is because the easier it is for people to process things, the higher is the likelihood of them retaining what they see/hear.
  2. Logos should be crisp and clear; meaning they should clearly depict what a company does and the way it positions itself.
  3. Logo colors should always be in correspondence with the brand’s theme, regardless of the industry and the type of products and services being offered. The color coordination part should not be missed even if it’s a paint company.

The logo designers at MK Marketing are determined to produce memorable logos that efficiently convey brand messages without being overdone. Get a visually striking logo made for your brand and see your business thrive!