Tips to Boost Your Online Marketing

Strategies to Supercharge Your Online Marketing


There is no question that online marketing is vital for the growth of businesses today. It is one of the few most effective tools that help businesses excel in a competitive landscape. All this is not possible without developing the correct strategies for online marketing. Every business needs comprehensive strategies for staying on top of evolving trends.


Gone are the days when audiences paid no heed to online content. Today, how people perceive online content has changed a lot and there is research to confirm this. One such study conducted by Global Web Index revealed that 28% of online activity takes place on social media platforms. It further says that there has been a drastic shift in the growth of ad buys on popular social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram. In 2018 alone, ad units on Instagram outsold Facebook’s ad units by 117%.


While gearing up for tremendous business growth, you should check out these four strategies for online marketing. These will help you in outshining your competitors.


1.     Enable Voice Search

Siri and Google Assistant are the two most popular voice assistants. Smartphone users command these voice-activated assistants to perform tasks like running information searches,  playing music, getting directions to get to new places using human speech which is easier and comfortable. With these assistants, users don’t have to stop their activities and type. It’s no surprise that voice search has great marketing potential and has now become an integral part of successful online marketing.


As per research, 40% of adults make use of one type of voice assistant at least once a day, and 20% of mobile searches today are made through voice search.


Incorporate strategies for online marketing like this one to build an audience, irrespective of your business’s size.

2.     Use Vertical Videos

This era undoubtedly belongs to smartphones. In the present day, more users are likely to surf the internet and view content on mobiles than on their laptops or computers. With that said, it has become really important for businesses to build and produce mobile-friendly websites and content to increase the reach.


As per Mobile Overview Report (MOVR), 94% of users prefer watching videos vertically on their phones even if they are for horizontal viewing. The key takeaway for businesses here is that if video content is a part of their online marketing plan, they must go with vertical videos over horizontal.

3.     Evaluate Your Social Media Activities

The worst thing that businesses can do to inhibit business growth is being stagnant with online marketing, especially on social media. If you are seeking business growth and success, you must never fail to update your social media advertising strategy. Be it Instagram, Facebook or any other platform, you must keep on posting fresh content to engage users on the internet.


Furthermore, if your business is only using Facebook and Instagram, think about exploring new avenues like YouTube and Snapchat. There are people who still rely on YouTube to get updates. The idea is to not leave any of your audiences stranded on any platform.


Strategies for online marketing keep evolving time and again. You must stay ahead of these to successfully market your business and ultimately attain business growth.


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