How Power Words Can Transform Your Writing

If you want to supercharge your message, you need to add “power words” to it. This is because the goal when writing anything is to get an emotional reaction from your audience. Whether it is a newspaper article or a blog on your website you want to trigger some sort of an emotional response from your reader. These emotional responses make them continue to read what you are writing and feel connected to your message. Copywriters know the best way to connect with their readers is by adding “power words” to their content.  It’s a tried and true strategy that’s been used for many years. In this article, we will explain what “power words” are, how they work, and how you can use them to strengthen your copy.

What is a Power Word?

“Power words” are select words that evoke an emotion and a response. Think of “power words” as the building blocks of content marketing. They’re incredibly effective and build up the interaction on your page. Marketers use “power words” to convince people to respond immediately to a call of action. Power words are clear and precise and are specifically chosen to help you succeed. They capture people’s attention, engage their emotions, create curiosity, and prompt someone to take action.

Typical Power Words

–       Now

–       Proven

–       Exclusive

–       Bonus

–       You

–       Power

–       Powerful

–       How to

–       Results

–       Guarantee

Of these “power words”, “You” is the most important.  Writing the word “you” in the copy personalizes the experience for the reader and can really help boost conversion rates. “You” is a word that has proven to be incredibly powerful in any form of copy in the online or offline world.

Where Can You Use a Power Word?

The best place to use “power words” is when you want someone to take action. Usually, you’ll notice them on billboards, in online articles or ads, and through direct mail. The reason is simple, in those locations you want a sale or a click and you are directing your viewer to do so.

As an example,  if you are promoting an online course and the copy read

“Real Estate Online Course Made for a Beginner. You’ll be Able to Buy an Investment Property After Course Completion. Click Here to Purchase.”

That doesn’t really trigger any kind of emotional response and most likely you wouldn’t purchase the course because of this. However, when you add a few “power words” it will tell a different story.

“Real Estate Online Course Made for Beginners Like You. We Guarantee You’ll Be Able to Buy an Investment Property After You Take Our Course. Click Here to Purchase this Exclusive Offer.”

Do you see how the “power words” trigger a more personalized message to you through an emotional response? You are much more likely to purchase the course after reading the second example rather than the first.


“Power words”, where appropriately applied, can strengthen your copy and create a call to action in readers. This will make your writing more valuable to business owners as it will create more interaction and increased sales with their audience. When writing, don’t forget to make “power words” part of your editing process, and remember a few “power words” go a long way.

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