Why WordPress

Fortunately, there’s one option that’s a safe bet in almost any circumstance: WordPress. This free, open-source CMS is the perfect framework for building anything from a simple blog to a thriving e-commerce site. It’s easy to use, yet powerful and flexible enough to accommodate your unique requirements.  It is hugely powerful ‘under the hood’, and enables you to customize […]

Accessibility ADA for Website

ADA  Accessibility Helper for WordPress *** If you would like help building this into your website please contact me. By email MKMarketingServices@gmail.com or you can call 719-351-7150 Learn More about the WP Accessibility program and the difference between the free and paid version visit… https://accessibility-helper.co.il/pro/ To see some sample of how this works visit https://drburtonshapiro.com/ (wheelchair Icon […]

How to Embed a Video into your WordPress Website

Embed a Video into your WordPress Website How to Embed Videos in WordPress Blog Posts and Pages WordPress comes with a great feature called auto-embeds which allows your website to automatically get the embed code from popular video hosting services like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. You can adjust the video width, make it full-width, change alignment, […]

WordPress Tips

What Makes WordPress Different WordPress is a platform that services as a content management system or CMS that gives the everyday internet user the ability to easily create their own blog or website. There are tons of CMS on the internet to choose from but WordPress has worked hard to separate itself from the pack. […]

How to Build a WordPress Site

What is WordPress? WordPress originated as a simple tool on the internet to create a blog and has grown immensely since that point. Now WordPress can create all different kinds of sites such as shops, businesses, social networks, and portfolios. WordPress is one of the simplest website builders for anyone to use and creates over […]

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a program that tracks and reports site traffic. It tells you where your niche is and how you can best target your preferred audience. Google Analytics can give the courses individuals take to arrive at your site, the substance they saw and the gadgets they used to arrive. In addition, with their […]

Website Promo Videos are Important – Here’s Why

5 Reasons Why You Must Have a Website Promo Video Promotional videos or promo videos are highly significant for marketing purposes but they barely get the limelight. The internet is stuffed with articles that discuss digital marketing techniques, website revamping ideas, and other things related to SEO and marketing. However, there are barely a few […]

Debunking the Common Logo Design Myths

5 Popular Logo Design Myths That Can Topple Down Your Brand   If you yourself are a graphic designer, you do know the scope of logo designing in business marketing. Logo designers around the globe get numerous orders every day from businesses of different sizes and nature, operating in a wide range of industries.   […]

E-Commerce Site Not Getting Enough Online Visibility? Try These 4 Tips

E-Commerce Site Not Getting Enough Online Visibility? Try These 4 Tips It’s a jungle out there – in terms of competition for attracting your target customers, that is. E-commerce has exploded, and consumers have never had so many choices when the search for products or services. So, how do you stand out among your competition? […]

Things to Include in Website Maintenance Packages

Website Maintenance – What Does It Include? More often than not, the process of website development is thought to be based on three broad steps; designing, executing, and publishing. But there’s a fourth thing that should be taken care of and spent on, and that is ‘website maintenance’. Just like our home appliances, cars, and […]