Organic Versus Paid Social Media

Everybody is confused about organic and paid social media. But you will not stay confused after reading this article about organic vs paid social media!

Email Marketing-Why You Can’t Ignore It

Email Marketing-Why You Can’t Ignore It Many people are under the idea that email marketing is dead. It is only understandable considering the number of emails that you ignore, delete, and mark as spam if you hold this notion. That said, there is also a select number of emails that you are happy to engage […]

6 Worst Marketing Blunders of All Times

Everyone’s prone to blunders…  That includes even the world-class multinational brands that we believe can never ever be off the mark. Well, mistakes, in general, are a sign of growth but marketing mistakes have a different meaning altogether. The less they happen the better because of one ill-conceived ad and everyone’s on your case. Boycotts, […]