Want smoother internet browsing?

Cookies, cache, and more Cookies 101 In a nutshell, a cookie is a small file used to keep track of you and your preferences when you go to a website. The server hosting the website sends a cookie to your browser. In our case, we use cookies so we can do things like greet you […]

How to Clear cookies in mobile browsers

Clear cookies in mobile browsers If you have an Apple iOS device running Safari®:  Go to Settings. Find and tap Safari. Tap Clear Cookies and Data. You’ll see a pop-up that enables you to confirm your selection. Select Clear. The Clear Cookies and Data button will turn gray. If you have an iOS device running Chrome™:  Open your browser. Tap the menu […]

How to Delete your Cache and Clear Browsing Data

In Google Chrome you can clear the cache and cookies by following the below steps. 1) Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete. 2) You will get a window to clear the browsing data. Ensure that the boxes are checked as in the below screenshot. 3) Click on the button “Clear browsing data”. To clear cache […]